26c3. Day 4 : The LOL Shield, last post : SPACE INVADER !

This is the last article on LOL Shield for Arduino before a while (I guess), this fantastic circuit from Jimmie P Rodgers : We where glad to obtain this wednesday morning a library, (under LGPL license, perfect :) ) created by Alex Wenger, from the ArduinoBuch Blog, which is no less than a graphic driver for the LOL Shield !

Thanks to this wonderful piece of interrupt-based code, we where able, thanks to Aurélien help again, to write a Shoot-them-up similar to Space Invader (the ennemies don’t come the same way though ...) !

And as we are free-software guys, you can download it below under a GPL v2 or later license :

Source Code of Space Invader 1.0 for ’LOL Shield for Arduino’

And finally, a small video to show you the result on my LolShield :