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  • Free Software

    , by Benjamin Sonntag

    I’m a big user of GNU/Linux and Free Software, so I was at the origin of some of them, and I participate to the development of some free softwares too.
    AlternC is a control panel for web and mail hosting server. With it, you can manage easily your hosting server for mail, websites, (...)

  • Octopuce

    , by Benjamin Sonntag

    In October 2004, I created, with David & Saïd a limited company. The aim of this company was first to allow us to earn our living with our own business, and also to sell our skills to our customers in the best possible conditions.
    Some months later, the project became reality : today we are (...)

  • About, legal stuff uzw.

    , by Benjamin Sonntag

    This blog is the personal website of Benjamin Sonntag, business manager, linux expert and free software developer.
    The webhoster of this website is Octopuce, Paris, which I will not thank since it’s my company ...
    If you want to contact me, you can drop me an email (no spam please) at (...)

  • Contact

    , by Benjamin Sonntag

    If you want to contact me, please use one of the following :
    EMail : benjamin at sonntag dot fr : warning : don’t send me any spam (any commercial or not commercial unsollicited email), I do bite !
    Jabber / GoogleTalk : benjamin at mailfr dot com
    MSN : breutz at no-log dot org
    If you want, (...)