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  • How to Save your Stickies environment in Mac OsX

    , by Benjamin Sonntag

    My friends from the Kom.Post european artists collective invented, years ago, the concept of "Fabrique du Commun", a debate with 50 people, with tables of 5 or 6. A microphone on each table allows the organizers to listen to each table, and propagate the most important ideas into post-its and (...)

  • How to lock a running tails with a password

    , by Benjamin Sonntag

    As cofounder of La Quadrature du Net (a NGO fighting for freedoms in the digital age, still waiting for your support ;) ), founder of Octopuce (my company) and more generally as an hacktivist, I often use Tails, a Linux distribution trying to enhance the anonymity of our communications and (...)

  • DDOS on La Quadrature du Net, analysis

    , by Benjamin Sonntag

    On January 20th and 22th, one of the servers of la Quadrature du Net, the Paris-based digital freedom association I co-founded and that my company is freely hosting, got hit by some distributed denial of service attacks.
    Here is a quick analysis of what we were able to understand about those (...)

  • Ladar Levison (Lavabit) at the European Parliament

    , by Benjamin Sonntag

    A few month ago, Ladar Levison, founder of Lavabit, an American highly secure email company, was interviewed by the European Parliament to talk about his story against the FBI about his company’s private keys and his user’s confidentiality.
    Listen to this video, its really short, and really (...)