Finally, since coucouf, aka Aurélien, sent me the source code of its tetris, I decided to produce a last video summing-up all what we coded for Arduino and LolShield from Jimmie P Rodgers during 26C3 in Berlin…

Starting with the graphic library of Alex Wenger, we created some programs and other liibraries : an enhanced version of the Charlieplexing library from Alex, a figure drawing library (Figure.cpp) and text drawing one (Text.cpp), with a minimal font.

Jimmie just opened a Google Code project to host all the code that has been produced for the Lol Shield

You will find below all what we did with those guys :

Pong (version 1 & 2)
Shoot-them-up (space-invader-like)
Tetris (by Aurélien Couderc)
Font (fonttest is the test program + the library. font/ is the font source code generator and the font itself.)
All Arduino Lol Games (all the source in one single archive)

All those programs are distributed under GPL v2+ license. Libraries are under LGPL v2+ license.

And as we promised it, a small video showing all that code in action :

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