Optical Fiber in France: How it work? Free vs Orange

In France, since 2007, big network operators are installing optical fiber in big cities. This new technology allow a very high speed Internet access, and new services

Since the beginning of the fiber deployment, Orange and Free, the 2 biggest French operators, are using two different technologies to provide us with fiber-based Internet access. What are those technologies ? What are each technology pro & cons ?

Let’s explain this, with some drawings too ! …


26c3. Day 2 : A Microntroller-based led panel from Jimmie

During that second day at the 26th Chaos Communication Congres at Berlin, I choose to make it a manual and active day : Jimmi P Rodgers, a friend of Mitch (the inventor of the TVBGone) brought an electronic kit called “LOL Shield for Arduino“. It’s a 14×9 led panel, either green or red, driven by an Arduino, a microcontroller board with an Atmel 328, and a USB/Serial converter, which make it very easily programmable.

Let’s go for a small demo, source and video …

named zone refused notify from non-master

The trick & tips of the moment : we recently upgrade the secondary dns server of Lautre.Net. We are now using bind 9.3.

We has the following error message for all the hosted domains :

Apr 16 00:34:38 ns2 named[4586]: client received notify for zone ''
Apr 16 00:34:38 ns2 named[4586]: zone refused notify from non-master:


AlternC is out !

Yesterday, a new version of AlternC was published. AlternC is a hosting control panel software suite I created some years ago with friends. Antoine, aka anarcat was payes by Koumbit to correct bugs and security issues in the previous version of the AlternC core. You can download it now for Read more…